Top 5 Same Day Small Loans For Australians

Being able to access loans on the go can be very handy when you’re in a financial fix and need some quick loan to settle some bills, buy gas or take that sweet heart on a date. Same day small loans for Australians allows you to get easy loans on your phone without stress.

In this article, we show you the institutions offering same day small loans for Australians, their interest, terms and conditions. Stick around to know more.

5 Same day small loans for Australians

There’s nothing like getting a loan as fast as possible in order to sort out your pressing needs. The following same day small loans for Australians promises to get your loan amount in at your disposal within 24 hours.

1. Good to Go loan

Good to Go offers short-term payday loans that rang eup to $5,000. Application is available online, and loan terms vary between 4 weeks up to 52 weeks.

It is possible to make an application for the loan even if self-employed, receive income from Centrelink or if you have poor credit. The repayments for loans can be made in a variety of ways, allowing you to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

You are also able to repay the loan in advance, without penalty. But, these kinds of loans are often accompanied by fees.

2. Cash Australia Personal Cash Advance

You can take out a loan up to $2,000 using Cash Australia’s personal loan. The terms range from 16 days to 12 months, and averagely, you get credited within 24 hours.

People with poor credit may also apply, since Cash Australia takes into account your current financial situation. However, this loan is costly. There is an upfront fee of 20% as well as an annual fee of 4.4%.

There are other charges associated with late payments or defaults. Payday loans aren’t an option for long-term financing and should only be utilized for emergencies.

3. CashnGo Loans

CashnGo is next on the list of Same day small loans for Australians which offers short-term or payday loans via ATM-like machines in several locations across NSW. New customers can get access to up to $600 while existing customers could be eligible with up to 950 dollars.

The standard payday loan rates are in effect. There is an upfront fee of 20%, and an annual fee of 4 percent of the loan principal. The maximum duration that the loan can be extended to is. Late payment fees daily of $6 are applicable when you don’t pay your loan in time.

4. Credit24 Short Term Loan

Credit24 offers a speedy and simple online application as much and gives you a loan of up to $2,000. You can apply anytime with a credit score that is good and an employment to be considered. You must be earning a minimum of $600 per month.

The loan term is 4-12 months and you have the loan on the same day upon successful application. 20% of loan amount is charged as establishment fee + 4% of loan amount monthly.

5. MoneyMe

Next on our list of Same day small loans for Australians is MoneyMe. It is an Aussie-based lender which specializes in various personal loans. It provides fast, secure and easy credit solutions that focus is on minimizing documentation. For loans of up to $50,000, the interest rates are higher than 6.25 percent p.a

An initial fee of $295 to $495, based on the amount of loan There are no charges for transactions. The repayment schedule is based on your payday. You may repay your loan in advance without cost.


Same day small loans for Australians are offered by the institutions listed above but beware of the expensive nature of these loans. Such loans come with high establishment fees and interests. Defaulting will also attract daily penalties.

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