Kulfi’s Father Joins Her On Stage. Little Singer Kulfi 7 March 2023, Tuesday

Kulfi talked to Rocket on the phone about running away to find her father in episode 317 of Little Singer Kulfi. Rocket didn’t like Kulfi at first, but he later came up with the idea to help her find her father. She left to meet Kulfi after Chandan called her.

When Bhola saw pastries in a cafe, the manager asked him what he wanted. The manager presented Bhola with a pastry after hearing that he liked everything. Bhola thanked him and stated that he would assist with work instead of paying him. Rocket answered Zinda’s question about why he gave away his portion of the prize money. According to Rocket, it was his mother’s wish. Rocket said he had to sneak out for Kulfi’s sake and left after Zinda discovered drugs in his pocket.

Kulfi was pulled away by Chandan, who told her to stay put and sing at a girl’s birthday party. Ajit grabbed Nandini as she was walking home late at night and declared his love for her. Exquisite showed up and saved Nandini, slapping Ajit all the while. Lovely noticed that Mohendar was upset and talked to him about it because Chandan was drinking.

Bhola made the observation that she was always awake when he was asleep and vice versa when he saw Kulfi asleep. Lovely was invited to Nandini’s house, where they discussed their emotions. Chandan asked Bhola to join him on stage when she entered the party and saw Kulfi once more. Rocket attempted to gather data regarding Chandan’s drug supplier.

The story begins in Little Singer Kulfi episode 318 with Rocket looking for Pakya to inquire about Sikander. Kulfi, on the other hand, was singing and thinking about Sikander while crying on stage. She was being heard by Bhola, who was nearby. Kulfi was shocked to hear Sikander’s voice when Bhola joined her in singing, so she started looking for him. Kulfi, on the other hand, was left wondering if it was just her imagination or if Sikander was actually present when the servants took Bhola away.

Rocket eventually came across Pakya and inquired of him about Sikander. Chandan, who had broken into Sikander’s house and used his face to make money, bought drugs from Pakya. Rocket stumbled when he heard Pakya talking, but he managed to run away from him.

In the meantime, Kulfi’s singing was praised, and the birthday girl’s father praised the person singing with her. Kulfi was glad to learn that Sikander was there and that it wasn’t just her imagination. Rocket decided to tell Kulfi about Chandan’s identity as Sikander’s lookalike after Chandan took Kulfi away.

Later, Lovely became suspicious of Sikander’s behavior after discovering non-prescription tablets in his possession. Nandini tried to console Bhola because he worried about him, but Nandini told her to leave Bhola so she wouldn’t hurt him.

Rocket called Kulfi after obtaining a mobile phone. Rocket’s call came while Amyra and Chandan were having breakfast with Kulfi. Rocket’s voice surprised Kulfi and made him wonder what he wanted.

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